The Hauntings

Numerous reports of paranormal experiences have been made by visitors and residents of the homestead, including sightings of ghosts, strange smells, disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own.

What is the Paranormal?

There are various theories about the causes of these paranormal experiences, including the possibility of residual energy from past events, psychological factors, and the influence of the surrounding environment. Some people also believe in the existence of ghosts or spirits, and consider the homestead to be a portal or a site of spiritual activity. In the documentary series, we will explore the many hauntings at the Monte Cristo Homestead in detail and share the extraordinary paranormal evidence discovered while filming.

The Paranormal Caught on Camera

The Monte Cristo Homestead is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in Australia, and our documentary crew set out to capture evidence of the paranormal activity that has plagued the property for decades. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and a keen sense of curiosity, we spent weeks at the historic site, documenting strange occurrences and unexplainable phenomena. What we captured on camera will leave you breathless – from disembodied voices to ghostly apparitions, we witnessed it all. We’re excited to share our findings with you in the upcoming documentary series, which is sure to leave you breathless.

The Ryan Family Experience

When the Ryan family moved into the Monte Cristo Homestead, they immediately noticed something strange was going on. Their pets, a cat and a dog, refused to enter the house. And later, when they returned home from an evening out, they noticed all the lights were on when they approached the house. However, all of the lights were off when they opened the front door. This was just the beginning of their paranormal experiences at the homestead.

Monte Cristo at night. CREDIT: LA FOND FILMS

Ghostly Apparitions

One of the most common experiences reported by visitors to the Monte Cristo Homestead is the sighting of ghostly apparitions. These apparitions are said to include a woman in a white dress, a young boy, and a man believed to be Christopher Crawley himself.

Ghost in the middle of Lawrence and a tour guide. CREDIT: LAWRENCE RYAN

The Stable Boy

Another haunting at the Monte Cristo Homestead is the ghost of a stable boy who died in the stables after being locked in by a cruel master. His spirit is said to haunt the stables, and visitors have reported hearing his ghostly footsteps and feeling a cold breeze when his spirit is present.

Ghost boy photo taken by a guest. CREDIT: MONTE CRISTO HOMESTEAD FACEBOOK

Abused Servants

Christopher Crawley is said to have gotten two of his maids pregnant. One of them committed suicide by jumping to her death from the balcony. She was pregnant. Her ghost still haunts the veranda, and a ghostly bloodstain marks the spot where she met her end. The second pregnant maid gave birth to a son. She named him Harold. When Harold was a young boy, he was involved in a terrible accident on the premises. Harold was hit by a coach. The child survived the accident but sustained head trauma which disabled him for life. The poor boy was kept in chains in one of the outbuildings.
Local children would mock him because he would scream all day. They called him a monster and the children of Junee challenged each other to find and pester him. He was eventually put away in the Kenmore Asylum after he was found by the authorities, chained to his mother’s bed. She had been dead for weeks. He died at the asylum soon after being moved there. Harold haunts the grounds of the homestead, making his presence known by the sound of chains.


The Coach House

The coach house is haunted by a young stable boy named Morris. He didn’t feel well one day and decided to stay in bed at the coach house. His master didn’t approve the fact the boy slept in, so he decided to teach him a lesson. He put the boy’s straw mattress on fire, thinking he would jump up and get to work. But Morris was too ill, and he couldn’t get up. He was taken off the property and succumbed to his burns weeks later.

Ghost boy photo taken by a guest. CREDIT: MONTE CRISTO HOMESTEAD FACEBOOK

The Ghost of Ethel Crawley

Crawley’s infant granddaughter Ethel died in 1917, because the nursemaid dropped her on the stairs. She claimed she was pushed by an unseen force,but she wasn’t believed. Today, children who visit the museum become irritable and upset when they enter the stairs. Some guests say they feel as if they are being pushed on their backs. Some claim to feel an ice-cold tiny hand slip into theirs when they go to the upstairs rooms.

Ghost walking down the stairs. CREDIT: MONTE CRISTO HOMESTEAD

The Ghost of Jack Simpson

One of the more recent ghosts at the Monte Cristo Homestead is that of Jack Simpson. He was one of the home’s caretakers and was shot to death in 1960 on the porch in front of the house by a young man. This man had been watching Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho” three times before committing his crime. The words “Die Jack, ha ha,” were carved into the shed door, where they can still be seen today.

“Die Jack, ha ha” carved into an outbuilding at Monte Cristo. CREDIT: MONTE CRISTO HOMESTEAD

More Ghostly Happenings

Lights still come on and off at the Monte Cristo Homestead, guests experience feelings of nausea, overwhelming sadness, and some people even faint during tours. There are disembodied whispers and unexplained mists at the house. Orbs are seen all over, and there’s some poltergeist activity as well.

The Monte Cristo Homestead is a fascinating and eerie place, with a long and haunted history. The hauntings at the homestead have been reported by many visitors and residents over the years, and include sightings of ghostly apparitions, strange smells, disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own. While some of the hauntings at the homestead can be attributed to tragic events that took place there, others are more mysterious and unexplained. Whatever the cause of the hauntings, the Monte Cristo Homestead remains a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in exploring the strange and supernatural.

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