The Documentary Series

The Monte Cristo Homestead

Explore the Dark and Fascinating History of the Monte Cristo Homestead

Unlocking the Secrets of Australia’s Most Haunted House

This captivating exploration of one of Australia’s most haunted locations offers much more than just a ghost hunt. The series takes viewers on a journey through the homestead’s dark and fascinating history, providing a glimpse into the opulence and wealth of 19th century Australian society while revealing a darker side to that same society.

A Hauntingly Unforgettable Story

Through extensive research and interviews with local residents and experts, the series highlights the cultural significance of the Monte Cristo Homestead. It’s not just a tourist attraction; it’s a part of the community’s collective history and memory. By exploring the homestead’s past and present, Brooks and her team give viewers a deeper understanding of the place and its cultural importance.

The series also features stunning cinematography that captures the eerie and atmospheric beauty of the homestead, adding to the sense of unease and mystery. The homestead’s beautiful but sinister appearance is captured in all its glory, with its dark and brooding architecture, creepy antiques, and flickering candlelight all contributing to the series’ spooky and otherworldly atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the series is the interviews with the current owners of the homestead, Olive Ryan and her son, Lawrence Ryan. The Ryans bought the property in the 1960s and have since turned it into a haunted museum, offering visitors the chance to explore the homestead and experience its ghostly activity for themselves. Their stories and experiences with the homestead only add to its already rich and fascinating history, and their insight into the property’s ghostly activity is invaluable.

What sets the Monte Cristo Homestead documentary series apart from other paranormal investigation shows is its respectful approach to the subject matter. Brooks and her team don’t rely on sensationalism or jump scares to create drama; instead, they let the homestead and its history speak for itself. The result is a haunting and evocative series that will leave viewers both spooked and enlightened.

The Inspiration Behind the Docu-Series

Aimee Keeps it Creepy Podcast

Aimee Brooks, the host of the popular “Aimee Keeps it Creepy” podcast, was always fascinated by haunted places and paranormal stories. During one of her podcast episodes, she had the opportunity to interview Lawrence Ryan, the son of the owner of the Monte Cristo Homestead. Lawrence, who grew up on the property and now runs ghost tours, shared his experiences and insights into the history and supernatural occurrences at the homestead. Aimee was captivated by Lawrence’s stories and was inspired to learn more about the Monte Cristo Homestead. In this episode, you’ll hear all about the eerie happenings at the homestead, from ghostly apparitions to unexplained noises and strange occurrences.

How Do I Watch?

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