What is it Like Filming in a Haunted House?


Filming a documentary in a real haunted house can be a thrilling but also nerve-wracking experience. This was the case for the crew of the upcoming Monte Cristo Homestead Documentary. Aimee Brooks, the director, took on the brave task of staying in the house alone during pre-production, and it was during this time that she had many strange experiences that set the tone for the rest of the shoot.

One of the most notable experiences Aimee had was hearing a disembodied voice telling her “Good Luck” after a camera malfunction. The camera immediately turned back on after the voice was heard, adding to the eerie atmosphere. This was just one of many instances where the crew experienced paranormal activity. Before a paranormal encounter, the room would often drop in temperature, and the crew would feel as if they were being watched. Many reported feeling an overwhelming presence, adding to the spooky atmosphere.

Interestingly, despite the many paranormal encounters, the spirits of the house largely left the film equipment alone. This could be attributed to the fact that the documentary crew was respectful towards the spirits and not trying to fabricate paranormal evidence. It is common for television crews on paranormal shows to report that their equipment was messed with, especially batteries, which some say spirits can drain due to their ability to manipulate electricity.

Filming inside the mansion seemed to always stir paranormal activity. Lawrence Ryan is seen here being filmed for an interview scene. During filming, everyone could feel the presence of a spirit and the crew witnessed a candle flame flickering and increasing in size in a bizarre way. CREDIT: LA FOND FILMS

Respect for the spirits was paramount for the crew. Aimee Brooks was aware that Mrs. Crawley, the dominant spirit of the house, could make people feel unwell or even sick if she didn’t like them. Aimee made sure to show great care in getting on the ghost’s good side by being polite and courteous, as a Victorian woman would expect. She always said please and thank you and made sure to acknowledge Mrs. Crawley as the matron of Monte Cristo Homestead.

There were challenging days for the crew, and most of them came to set as skeptics, ready to do their job. However, most of the crew, if not all, had intense paranormal encounters that left them all believers in the paranormal. In fact, on more than a few occasions, someone had to walk off set because the feelings were just too strange.

In conclusion, filming a documentary in a real haunted house can be an unforgettable experience. The crew of the Monte Cristo Homestead Documentary had their fair share of paranormal encounters, but they also showed great respect for the spirits of the house. Aimee Brooks’ approach to interacting with Mrs. Crawley is a testament to the importance of respecting the spirits when filming in a haunted location. It is clear that the crew’s experiences left them with a newfound appreciation and understanding of the paranormal.

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